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~ Fishing Licenses ~

This year, the California Department of Fish & Game has implemented a time-consuming online-only method of purchasing one day and annual fishing licenses.

Save time and money by purchasing yours NOW by going online to purchase - and then print - your fishing license!

Buy Yours:


Buying your license on the boat is time consuming. Purchase yours online, before you arrive.


Online License Sales - Before You Start

You must be at least 18 years of age, and authorized to make online purchases.

Required Licensee Information: To purchase a license you will need to provide the licensee's information including but not limited to identity (i.e., GO ID, DL, etc.), date of birth, address, phone number, physical characteristics etc. If you are purchasing a fishing license for another customer and do not have this information, you can instead purchase a voucher at a license agent or a DFG sales office.

Form of Payment: You will need either a Visa or MasterCard to make a purchase.

Voids / Exchanges / Returns: Licenses and privileges are not subject to void, exchange, or return. All online sales are FINAL.




captain frank rescino
captain mike rescino

old photo of fisherman's wharf
The railing along Jefferson overlooking the boat; the same berth for over 100 years.

Self-Print Temporary Document: Annual licenses will be mailed to you. However, at the end of the transaction you will be able to print a temporary document for immediate use until you receive your annual license. A working printer is required to view and print the temporary document.

Self-Print Short-Term Licenses: Short-Term license documents will NOT be mailed to you. You must be able to print the license at the time of purchase. You will be responsible for printing your short term document. A working printer is required to view and print your license.


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