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~ Whale Watching ~

The California Coast is fortunate to be located in the middle of a migratory route for several species of whales including the gray, blue and even humpbacks whales. Orcas, or "killer whales" can also be found in the same waters.

The Lovely Martha takes passengers to the likely spots for whale watching as individual and large groups of whales can be seen passing by, often with calves in tow. Grays are heading from the warm Mexican breeding grounds to the rich feeding territories in the chilly Alaskan waters.

Binoculars and cameras are a must; you can get up-close and personal to see them feeding and breeching, and just frolicking in the waves.

Whale Watching Season:
  • Grays in Winter & Spring
  • Blues & Humpbacks in the Summer

captain frank rescino
captain mike rescino

the lovely martha at the farallon islands
A tour of the Farallon Islands while on a whale watching trip.

*The Lovely Martha will seek and follow whales of all sorts. However, a respectful distance will be maintained at all times to insure that their environment and migratory path are not disturbed.

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