The Boat

About Lovely Martha

Lovely Martha is the largest boat in the Fisherman's Wharf fishing fleet and has 2 decks!

Lovely Martha is a classic wooden boat with a long tradition at Fisherman's Wharf: the Lovely Martha is the third "Martha" to carry fishermen out the Golden Gate.

She is 51' long ~ 15' wide ~ 6' draft ~ 17' height with upper deck.
An upper deck allows for extra special viewing of whales or fireworks, or sightseeing attractions.

The boat has state-of-the-art electronics and equipment including a 300 watt stereo system to cater to the music needs of parties, funerals, or special fishing charters.

Four generations of the captain's family have guided groups to catch hundreds of thousands of fish since 1959 when this boat was built. 
Captains: Frank Rescino & Mike Rescino

Learn about the rich history of the Lovely Martha.