Lovely Martha Fish Reports


Better showing of fish today.


7/28/21. Today was there was a better showing of fish!! We finished up the day with 12 salmon to 23lbs along with many missed opportunities! We have room tomorrow and NEXT WEEK Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.  Make your reservation...


Salmon to 31lbs.


7/27/21. Today we didn’t have many but they are big!! The gang scratched out 5 salmon to a whopping 31lbs!! We have room tomorrow & Thursday. Next week we have lots of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. Make your...


Lovely Martha checks in with salmon to 30lbs.


7/26/21. Today was a tough one. We finished up catching 4 salmon to 30lbs and 1 token halibut.  Back at it tomorrow!! We still have room Wednesday & Thursday. Next week Monday through Friday.  Make your reservation on our website at  Or...


Sunday fishing report.


7/25/21. Today we finished up with 15 salmon and 1 jumbo striped bass for our 17 anglers. We have lots of room Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.  Make your reservation on our website at Or call Capt. Mike 650-619-6629 Let’s go fishing!!! ...