Lovely Martha Fish Reports


LIMITS OF BASS ON THE 1/2 day trip!!!


9/24/23. Hohoho here we go LIMITS OF BASS!!! Capt. Andrew just reported in from today’s 1/2 day trip. They finished up with 8 limits(16) of delicious bass and 4 halibut!!! We have lots of room WEDNESDAY for a full day...


Deep water rockfish trip.


9/17/23. Today we made the long run up to the soap bank and had a fun day on the water. We finished up with 20 limits(200) of jumbo rockfish & 25 lingcod!!! We have lots of room this upcoming week...


Capt. Frank reports in!!


9/16/23. Today Capt. Frank reported in with excellent fishing finishing up just 3 short of the limit, catching 27 halibut & 1 white seabass for 15 anglers!! We have lots of room MONDAY, WEDNESDAY, SATURDAY & SUNDAY for halibut/bass fishing....


Another excellent 1/2 day on the bay!!!


9/12/23. Today was another excellent 1/2 day on the bay!! We finished up with 24 quality halibut for 14 anglers!!! We have lots of room SATURDAY for a full day halibut/bass trip. Make your reservation on our website at  Or...